444 South Cedros Ave

Suite 120

Solana Beach, Ca


(858) 794-9644

Wendy Sellens, LAc

Wendy was born and raised in Alaska. She always enjoyed the native folklore as a child and especially the raven stories. Thus, whiteRAVEN was chosen as a powerful totem for a studioACUPUNCTURE.

Wendy began studying massage in 1999 and trained in soft tissue manipulation with Dr.Vince Guagliano at www.aimsportsmedicne.com in Manhattan Beach CA. This specific treatment helped her create a large athletic clientele that significantly increased her clinical expertise. Her clients included players from the Dodgers, LA Kings, US women's water polo team and pro volleyball players. In 2000 she attended the original esthetic school and was taught by the first ever licensed esthetician. She continued her extensive skincare training with graduate classes at the Dermal institute. She has worked in high-end spas with an exclusive clientele in California and New York. She was also nominated to become a member of Who's Who of American Estheticians.

She specifically attended Chinese Medical School in San Diego to study orthopedics/sports medicine. She studied the eastern philosophy from Dr. Wu an orthopedic surgeon and the western philosophy from Matt Callison. Most of her internships were orthopedic spent at UCSDs athletic department. Wendy also studied postural alignment with Egoscue and is a certified trainer.

Wendy has also been studying Medical Qi Gong since 2001 with Grandmaster Shih, in Danbury, CN, www.qihealer.com. Wendy is a certified medical qi gong instructor from The Chinese Healing Arts Center /Wu Tang Chuan Kung Association.

Wendy is co-founder of Pink Image breast thermography and built whiteRAVEN to house this studio to increase education about breast health. Wendy is also one of only a few breast thermography certified readers in the United States, trained by the original reader William Hobbins MD. Protect the tee tees! www.mypinkimage.com

Brian Downum, LAc

Born and raised in southern California, Brian saw his first glimpse into the Chinese arts while studying Chinese kung fu. After many years of studying martial arts, he was introduced to the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which led him to seek schooling in San Diego. Throughout his studies and internships, Brian received training in Chinese meridian theory, orthopedic acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui na, and qi gong .

Brian's passion is herbal medicine, so in 2005 he started his raw herb pharmacy that grew into his first practice, Jade Mountain Medicine. Later, In 2007 Brian co-owned Hidden Tiger Martial Arts where he taught classes and continued his martial arts training in praying mantis. In 2008, Brian became a welcome addition to the West Coast Wellness Center where his practice specializes in orthopedics, pain management and sports injury. Here, Brian works with orthopedic surgeons allowing for an extensive experience in the field of orthopedic acupuncture. In 2009, Brian Downum and Wendy Sellens created whiteRAVEN, where they practice together in the South Cedros Design District of Solana Beach.