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Solana Beach Orthopedic Acupuncture: Plantar Fasciitis

How orthopedic "dry needling" acupuncture easily resolves plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis presents as pain in the bottom of the foot, usually closer to the heel. 

It is the result of the thick band running the bottom of the foot becoming inflamed.

Typically, this sharp pain will be more intense with the first few steps one takes.

As movement increases the pain tends to decrease only to return later, after resting.

First Step (pun intended)...Palpation

Palpation of the foot (or feet) will commonly reveal tender and taught tissue.

This helps to determine if the plantar fascia is the actual culprit here.

Not all pain in the bottom of the foot is by default plantar fasciitis. 

There are plenty of other tissues, including bone, that can result in  pain in the bottom of the foot.

Furthermore, observing any tension and tenderness allows the provider to reflect on progress.


Once, Twice, Three Times...uh, Maybe

Patients love to hear that this condition usually only requires one to three needles. 

This is because dry needling techniques are so effective and there is minimal tissue involved. 

The needle is inserted into the motor point of the plantar fascia. 

It elicits an involuntary contraction-and-relaxation response. 

Blood rushes to the tissue and the healing process can now begin. 

Follow with massage to reinforce circulation and stretching to elongate the fibers. Done!

Getting a few things straight

Its time to check in with the foot pain and watch the patient walk.

This is when the patient gets to confirm the effectiveness of treatment. But, the provider gets to observe walking habits of the patient. 

There are several aspects involved in proper gait which many people tend to deviate from.

Some will externally rotate and "walk like a duck". This improperly positions the foot, ankle and knee. We then see a dropped arch and  a shuffling of the feet.

A simple straightening of the feet and knees can lift the arch of the foot. This will realign the bones of the foot and allow the musculature of the foot to be less prone to aggravations.

To support, or not to support; That is the question

This can be a controversial topic. 

There are millions of people out there getting shoes or inserts to aid in arch support.

This can help to reduce foot pain in some people and assist those with structural problems.  

But, it is not recommended for the vast majority of people.

Relying on a device to artificially position the arch eventually results in weakness of those muscles.

This is the last thing we want for the body parts that carry us around everywhere we go.


Please contact White Raven Acupuncture in Solana Beach for any questions or consultations regarding plantar fasciitis or any other condition.

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