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Sports medicine and orthopedic acupuncture:

At whiteRAVEN we specialize in the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders and pain management. Incorporating western medical examinations and knowledge of the human anatomy, we combine specific acupuncture techniques to provide highly effective treatments.

Athletes, injured or not, can benefit from these treatments and help to sharpen their competitive edge.

Orthopedic acupuncture

As a specialized field in the practice of acupuncture, orthopedic acupuncture is used to effectively treat musculo-skeletal disorders, also known as pain management. Patients are involved with an in depth intake as well as differential diagnosis of the condition whereby the practitioner can determine the appropriate treatment methods for that particular patient. This involves orthopedic and neurological tests, postural and functional assessments, as well as Traditional Chinese Medical analysis of the individual. Typically, a patient will present with a problem of one or more muscle groups which with specific acupuncture techniques can be “reset” back to a more functional and optimal condition. As the body and specific muscles become more and more familiarized with their proper function, through frequency of treatment, the condition decreases while optimal health increases.