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chirps by patients

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for over 25 years and briefly studied acupuncture in Sydndy Australia under a Chinese Tai Chi master.

For years I paid $125-$150 for treatments in Del Mar, CA.

Last August I was struck by an auto crossing HWY 101!

I fractured my hip and 6 ribs and spent six days in intensive care.

Within 3 weeks of the accident I began getting treatments from Brian and Wendy. I was on pain medication and using a walker to get around. Because of their sliding scale I ws able to recieve treatments 2-3 times a week. As such, 4 weeks later I was off all pain medications and walking without my walker thanks to the fantastic acupuncture and massages from whiteRAVEN. Today, 6 months later I am 95% recovered.

I find both Brian and Wendy to be extremely talanted practitioners. They are warm, caring, loving folks to whom I have referred many friends for a variety of ailments.

As far as I am concerned they are the ONLY place to go for help.

John C.

I love Wendy and Brian. I have been suffering from terrible back pain for months. I could hardly get out of bed in the mornings and sleep was sporadic due to the pain. Sometimes the pain would go up into my neck and shoulder. After treatments at whiteRAVEN, I am no longer having any pain. It is a wonderful thing! If you have never had back pain, you won't understand what it is like to not have it!!!

I also suffer from migraines and they are treating me with acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbs. There were times when I would wake up in the morning and the pain would be so bad that I couldn't stand to have my head touch the pillow it was so sensitive. Now when I awake, I don't have that terrible sensitivity and am able to function better. We are making good strides into curing the headaches and I will continue to work with Brian and Wendy to that end.

I am extremely happy with all the treatments I have received.

Margery R.

I have been going to White Raven for neck pain over the course of the last 2 months, with my most recent treatment being this last week. I was in a car accident in Oct. 2009...resulting in restricted range of motion and considerable pain. At times, I could not sleep through the entire night because of my discomfort! My work also was suffering due to the combination of constant pain and disrupted sleep. Needless to say that my life was less than a joy. I had tired everything from massage, to chiropractic, to physical therapy...and then a good friend referred me to Wendy and Brian at whiteRAVEN for acupuncture. Seriously, within 5 treatments...I had no more pain and regained full range of motion!

I truly feel that both Brian and Wendy are very knowledgeable within the scope of their practice, friendly and professional. Because they have greatly improved my condition, I would highly recommend them to anyone in pain.

Susan D

I recently had an acute meniscus tear in my knee from a snowboarding injury. After doing physical therapy for weeks I still did not have complete mobility in my knee. I went to White Raven and explained my injury and concern for my knee. After the first treatment I felt the tightness in my knee was greatly relieved. I received additional treatments for the next few weeks and noticed improvement after every session. After a few weeks of treatments I was back running and exercising. I am so thankful for the overall concern and care they gave me at White Raven.

Thank you Wendy & Brian

Chad M

whiteRAVEN is amazing! Wendy and Brian have both worked on me for neck/shoulder problems. I bartend and have some old injuries to my shoulder that were causing intense pain. I couldn't pick up a glass without pain shooting up my arm into my neck or having no strength to lift it. Now my pain is gone and my hand strength is coming back.

Wendy and Brian were professional, gentle and caring. Besides that, their office is beautiful and meticulously kept. I would recommend them to anyone.

Trish H

Brian and Wendy are just amazing! They are really into what they do and are super knowledgeable about real Chinese acupuncture. I have had ITB syndrome for over 9 years and had tried pretty much everything imaginable short of surgery when I found them. I was still having problems getting close to a much anticipated marathon and after as few as 4 sessions I had as good results as I could possibly expect: I ran the race without kinestetic tapes or a brace and, most importantly, I was healthy and pain-free after the race too! Plus the studio is just adorable, super well put-together, really pristine! And I should add that they really go out of their way to understand your issue and help you feel better. If you want to try acupuncture, you should give them a try: they are simply the best.

Victoria B.

I just left White Raven after injuring my foot. I hobbled in there desperate for pain relief. I am just astonished at the results I got just in one session. My foot is less swollen and the pain has decreased. I was able to walk out of there without the hobble! I also want to recommend Wendy and Brian at White Raven for hormonal imbalance, depression, anxiety, stress relief. These folks are true healers! They keep their costs down and provide quality services!

Laura R.

My husband and I, and our next door neighbor (who referred us), have all had wonderful results from our treatments with Brian & Wendy. My neighbor for a broken wrist, my husband for his back and a cold, and me for various complaints (I'm pretty active, and have been slightly accident prone of late ;-). I've tried acupuncture with a couple of other providers in the past - I started out needle-shy, but it was easy to get over once I experienced the rapid and profound results. Thank you, Brian & Wendy!

Jewel E.