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Solana Beach Orthopedic Acupuncture: Back Pain

Orthopedic Acupuncture for Back Pain

One of the most commonly treated injuries is back pain, with lower back pain being the vast majority.

Like many injuries, back pain can range from mild to severe.

Routine activities can become difficult or even impossible to perform.


Common presentations of back pain include:

local pain

referred pain




diminished mobility


As with any medical concern, it is important that the proper assessment and diagnosis be met with an effective treatment plan.


Treatment plan and what to expect

Western and eastern medical assessments are performed to help establish a treatment plan.

Treatment modalities within this plan include dry needling, massage therapy, stretching and exercises.

The combination of these therapies compounds the therapeutic effects thereby maximizing recovery.


How can Orthopedic Acupuncture help my back pain?

By inserting a needle into the various tissues associated with the back injury, two things are happening: 

1) the metal needle elicits a contract-and-relax response in the muscles, and 

2) the needle, being a foreign object in the body, forces a response of increased blood circulation.


Massage therapy not only further increases circulation, but helps to reestablish mobility.


Specific stretching techniques allow muscles and joints to gain mobility and function.


Exercises help with continued care outside the clinic and reinforce proper dynamics.

Please contact White Raven Acupuncture in Solana Beach for any questions or consultations regarding back pain or any other condition.

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